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Lorraine "Rainey" Dewey
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Village Speed Limit
"Village Speed Limit"
• Graphite on Bristol Paper
This original drawing was inspired from a "real place." Small-town America somewhere off Route 20 heading west here in Upstate New York. My affection for open space, farming communities sprinkled carefully with small towns is apparent as you can see from the reoccurring theme in my subject matter. Nothing sweeter - in my opinion.
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Pencil Demo - No Chance of Rain

Uploaded on Apr 29, 2010

Take a minute (or five or six) if you have it to check out a glimpse into my drawing process. When working a landscape without architecture - like the one you see here - there's a certain freedom and spontaneity that can be enjoyed without the worry of achieving a "likeness." Check out my blog when you get a minute for art talk and general chatter.

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